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Digital Marketing
Find your pathway to success with our cutting-edge digital marketing services. A digital transformation company, we help businesses with Ecommerce marketing.
Web development
We create websites that get you results. From concept to launch, we develop websites that are powerful, engaging, and easy to use; leading to conversions and helping you achieve business goals.
Creative Agency
We are a creative studio bustling with well-experienced designers and copywriters. We breathe life into every creative we design by blending branding with marketing and design strategies.
Branding Agency
We create an exceptional brand experience. We help businesses create core brand assets and launch brands, products, campaigns and bespoke brand experiences.

We are unique

Cutting-edge technology, data-driven approach, deep learning and AI-based digital brand management.
24X7 support services from real people. With the right technical solutions, we provide an omnichannel and consistent experience.
Evolved, socially conscious, sustainable and intuitive creatives that set a trend with brand-elevating design, colour palettes and iconic typography.
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Total design freedom for everyone

Why Cedilla Interactive?

  • Our mission & Vision
  • Our Approach
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We are a creative digital agency that helps brands embody themselves. India is driven by her stories; and storytelling brings alive the human spirit. Every brand is a story; we help weave your story more powerfully.

At Cedilla, we are committed to a 360° creative process, merging modern marketing with traditional expectations to help your branding. People are what brands strive to impress, and branding is a journey of self-discovery.

As a full-service agency, Cedilla can handle all marketing aspects of various types of business, from strategic planning, creative, and production to public relations, social media, digital marketing, and analytics.

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To deliver competitive and versatile products crafted to serve different domains across the globe.


Our mission is to serve as a distinguished creative agency with meaningful connections with clients, regardless of industry, device, objective, or technology platform. We are a digital enterprise with our departments and functions closely connected and integrated so that our clients, too, thrive in the digital space. We provide you with the resources, expertise, and on-demand marketing tailored and scaled directly to your budget and requirements.

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  • Be Known As You Want To Be Known: Define how you want your business to be perceived by its relevant customers and audience. We help you achieve this through branding and web design.
  • Bring Attention Over: How visible is the brand to its relevant audience? We serve this aspect via SEO, digital and social media marketing.
  • Optimize Your Efforts: How is the relationship between the brand and its relevant audience? We serve this aspect via our analytics and performance marketing.
  • Find New Opportunities: Once a brand has a clear view of itself, its audience, and the relationship it has with them and the environment where it works, it is possible to seek new opportunities, markets, and ways to make more people happy for a profit.
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We are standout
experts in business.

We believe that success is achieved through a highly collaborative interaction, so that we can work together to identify and evaluate opportunities beyond your current operations.

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Social media marketing company in chennai

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